10 posing tips for the bride-to-be

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Most of us aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, even we aren’t too keen on having our picture taken. We are more in our element behind the camera! 😀

In order to help you relax on your big day and not feel like you have to be constantly thinking about how you will look in your wedding photos, we decided to compile this short guide to good wedding poses.

Naturally, you’ll be looking for graceful, romantic poses that draw attention to your beautiful wedding dress, hair, make-up and to you.

Of course, these are things we will point out during a shoot among others, but if you want to feel more prepared for your photo session here are a few basic posing tips to remember for your big day or any other occasion!

Posing Tips


Where to hold your flowers?

Every detail matters and the bouquet is just one of the important accessories you will have on your person throughout the wedding day.
You should hold the flowers not too high and not too low! Aim for just below belly button level.
This way your arms will appear longer and slimmer.

Or alternatively, you can hold the bouquet loosely with one hand and let the other hang naturally by your side. It’ll look more relaxed!


Find your best side!

No one’s face is perfectly symmetrical and while I’m sure both sides of your face are beautiful, you probably have one you like a little bit more. Even if you don’t know it!
Take some selfies and practice posing with your face tilted in different directions to see which looks best. Once you know your good side, always pose with your best face forward.


Mind your chin

To make a round or oval face look slimmer, you should angle your chin down ever so slightly. 
Not too much, so you don’t end up creating a double chin in the process. 
If you have a pronounced forehead then you should lift your chin up just a bit to create more balance.


Smile with your eyes!

Every time you smile because something makes you happy your eyes will smile along with your lips.
The key is not to smile as large as possible but to smile naturally.
So keep in mind to squint your eyes a little!

You should also do this for non-smiling shots.


Angle your body

Turn your body at a 45-degree angle towards the camera or turn so you’re facing the person standing next to you, in order to put your body’s depth, not your width, on display.
This, for most women, is more flattering!


Don’t always look at the camera

 It’s your day so try not to stress too much about it, interact with people, be in the moment!
Don’t search for the camera and don’t worry about the photos.

Candid shots always look better than posed photographs!


Stand up Straight!

You should always stand up straight and avoid slouching. Good posture makes you look happier, healthier, fitter and more confident.
And it also makes you feel better and full of energy!


Relax those legs!

Even if your dress hides your legs, you should still pay attention to them!

You can either bend one knee so you don’t look stiff or cross your ankles to elongate your legs.

When your legs are showing you should keep the knee closest to the camera slightly bent.


And the arms!

Try to keep the arms relaxed and slightly away from the body so they don’t appear wider than they are!
Also, the hands should be soft, don’t grip tightly onto things!


Have fun!

The most important thing to keep in mind is to relax, have fun and just be yourself! 

For more examples and inspiration visit our galleries!

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