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Who we are

A Couple That Loves To Create

Endless Purple Skies Pictures a.k.a. epspictures started out as a dream we had, us and the true mastermind: our CAT!

Finally, we managed to make it come alive a few years ago. Since then it has become a way of life for us.  It’s who we are and we love it!

We are Adrian & Andreea, wedding photographers, visual storytellers and adventure enthusiasts. 

This is us! | epspictures
Cat, epspictures

Iva the CAT

Likes to scratch furniture
Loooves juicy yummy cat food
Is a princess

epspictures, Adrian, Wedding Photographer, Bucharest Based


Plays League of Legends religiously
Loves Parmesan cheese
Dances randomly around the house
Is facinated by the night sky & milky way
Likes to go on camping adventures

epspictures, Andreea, Wedding Photographer


Will never say no to a cup of coffee
Paints or draws in her free time
Occasionally speaks in gibberish
Loves rain, especially thunderstorms
Likes to watch Adrian play video games

Intimate wedding photography | epspictures

What we do

Capturing life’s sincerest moments

Our goal is to create work that is honest and inspirational. Photographs that capture fleeting glances, secret smiles, the small things that show the deep love you have for each other and your unique personalities.

As you browse our site you will discover that above all else we are simply two people who will make you smile and laugh despite the stress of the day.

We love meeting new and interesting people with great tales to tell and being witnesses to their lively love stories. 

Our favorite events are those that focus on the love. Intimate gatherings with close friends and family that are light and fun. It makes it more likely for us to capture candid shoots full of emotion. 

In our free time, we like to go on nature adventures and travel, we are never more ourselves than when we are surrounded by nature taking photos.


Yep! We have some of those!

We are mostly self-taught, but we do have the proper education and qualification as well.

We are always pushing ourselves forward to learn new things and improve. We also like to experiment and try new things.

Who you are

We would love to meet you 💜

This was us, now we will like to hear more about you and who you are.

Tell us about your story and let us work together to capture your precious moments! Send us an e-mail at contact@epspictures.com to get started!

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We will let our work speak

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