Cristina & Alin’s after-wedding session at Valea Doftanei, nearly a year post their wedding, was a testament to the enduring flame of love. This session held a unique charm as it allowed the couple to revisit their wedding memories, now with an added chapter of life experiences.

Time has deepened their connection, and this is beautifully reflected in the photos. The initial sparkle of their wedding day had matured into a profound, lasting bond. It was a celebration of the love that had not only endured but grown stronger since their wedding.

The after-wedding session provided an opportunity for Cristina & Alin to recapture the magic and excitement of their big day while also showcasing the comfort and intimacy that comes with being married for nearly a year.

As a photographer, it was heartwarming to witness the evolution of their love story. And, of course, to capture this transformation through the lens. These images serve as a visual diary, reminding them of the journey they’ve embarked on together and the exciting path that lies ahead.

The session was a beautiful reminder that love only deepens and grows with time. Cristina & Alin’s after-wedding session was a celebration of the enduring love that will continue to blossom for years to come, encapsulating a beautiful chapter in their love story.

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