Autumn Colors

It was a wonderful wedding in Northern Italy, Verbania Region with beautiful colours and people. It was our first trip to Italy and we were completely enchanted by it. The narrow streets paved with cubic stones, old houses with cute colourful shutters and all the deep orange tree leaves. Truly a magical atmosphere!

The down side of it was the weather! It was not on our side.

Rainy Days

Both of the two days we were there, the sun never showed its face. It was cold, rainy, and windy, testing our patience and that of our clients. We cursed our luck and made the best of it!

We had fun walking the streets despite the rain and wind, though we didn’t have much time for that. More importantly, we were witnesses to a delightful wedding and captured a couple of great photographs and happy moments. The ceremony was held in Italian and in Romanian, so both the groom’s and the bride’s families to feel as part of their wedding. And at the reception, the groom had a special number with his music band.  All in all a day full of memorable events.

“Wonderful things happen when you least expect it!”

Lucia and Davide met when they didn’t imagine it. “Wonderful things happen when you least expect it!” – was their wedding’s motif and probably their favorite saying. A motto we can whole heartily agree with!

Overall it was an enlightening and cheerful experience for us, and we hope to revisit Italy again soon for a holiday so we have time to marvel at its beauty.

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