We are so happy to have been a part of this little Romanian-Bulgarian wedding ceremony with so many colourful details.

And we learned new wedding traditions thanks to Alex & Maggie. 

According to traditions, after the wedding in Bulgaria, the newlyweds are welcomed with something to eat, usually a freshly baked, round bread with honey and spices. The first piece of bread is always salty as the difficulties that will arise in the family life of the young couple. The second piece of bread, however, is dipped in honey to remind the newlyweds of the delights they will share in the future. 

Another tradition defines who will be the boss in the family. The bride and the groom stand up, back to back, and hold a big, round loaf of bread over their heads. At a special signal, they both try to divide it into two and get the bigger chunk, which symbolizes who will have the power in the family.

It was such a quirky and fun wedding to shoot, during a difficult period it reminded us of why we love our jobs so much. 

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