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In the heartwarming chronicle of Lori and Gabi’s life journey, Moni’s newborn photo session marks another beautiful chapter. It’s a privilege to be part of this family’s story, having previously captured the magical moments of their wedding and the cherished christening of their first child, Sebastian.

As their family grows, so does the treasure trove of memories we’ve been entrusted to create. Moni’s session brings to life the joy and love that now fill their home with the arrival of their baby girl.

With each click of the camera, we capture the essence of Moni’s early days, preserving her tiny fingers, adorable yawns, and the loving glances shared between her parents. These images are not just photographs; they’re a testament to the enduring love and warmth that Lori, Gabi, and their growing family share.

Our goal in this newborn photo session is to create a timeless collection that Moni, as she grows, will look back on with a smile, discovering the profound love that surrounded her from the very beginning.

From their wedding vows to welcoming their precious baby girl, every frame tells a story of devotion and celebration.Lori, Gabi, Sebastian, and now Moni’s journey continues to unfold, and we are humbled to be their storytellers, capturing the beauty and love that define their unique family narrative.

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