Our photography pricing is designed with you in mind. We believe in transparency, ensuring you understand exactly what you’re investing in. No hidden fees or surprises; our straightforward pricing structure allows you to choose the perfect package for your needs.

Whether it’s capturing the joy of a wedding, the innocence of a newborn, or the essence of a photo session, our affordable rates ensure you receive top-quality images without compromising on excellence. We love photographing intimate weddings and elopements, our favorite events are those that focus on the love. Small gatherings with close friends and family that are light and fun. It makes it more likely for us to capture candid shoots full of emotion.

Let us freeze your treasured moments in time, preserving them for a lifetime of cherished memories.

You can discover our photography pricing below, we currently have one packages and a large array of additional services and products so you can make your own custom package.



One photographer, Andreea or Adrian, present for the entire duration of the event as detailed below:

Morning Preparations of the bride and the groom
The Church Ceremony with family & friends group shoots after
Wedding Day Photo Session with just the bride and groom at a different location
The Reception until the cutting of the cake

• You will receive the final high-resolution edited photographs and a social media friendly resolution via a download link.

Price 1000 Euro

Add-on: second photographer | Price 300 Euro

Additional services and products

Save the Date

Celebrate your engagement with enchanting Save the Date session that beautifully depicts the essence of your love.

We are experts at curating personalized shoots that highlight your unique connection and excitement for the upcoming wedding. From romantic sunsets to picturesque locations, we create stunning visuals to announce your big day but also offer a chance to cherish these sweet moments forever. It’s also a great way for us all to get to know each other, and for you both to get used to having your photograph taken.

You can also use the photos to put together a signing board, guest book or “Save the Date” invitation cards, which we can help you with.

Price 150 Euro

After Wedding

Capture the romance and joy once again in a more relaxed setting, away from the wedding day hustle. We will artfully frame your love story, allowing you to relive those cherished moments long after the celebration ends. Whether it’s a scenic outdoor location or a meaningful spot, we’ll create stunning images that reflect your unique bond.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Trash the Dress’ or ‘Love the dress’, this type of photo session offers us the opportunity to capture some really amazing frames. Freed of the stress of the wedding day you will be more relaxed and natural in front of the camera. We can organize everything to take advantage of the warm sunset light, which gives the photos a more dreamy atmosphere.

Price 300 Euro


This is our civil ceremony package, it contains the official ceremony, family and friends groups after.

Only one photographer present for the entire event, Andreea or Adrian, whoever is available.

Price 100 Euro

Or you could opt for an extended package, it contains the official ceremony, family and friends groups after and a photo session with the couple.

Price 200 Euro

Prints & Handcrafted goods

Digital photos have their advantages, but we think that nothing feels like flipping through a printed album with a cup of coffee on a cool morning. Because of these we offer a variety of prints and album options.

We love handmade goods, especially if they have a rustic feel. All of our final products were chosen to reflect our adventurous style and made to a certain standard of quality to ensure your precious memories last in time. 

Since we are crafty people we tried our hand on a few projects as well. We make oak boxes for storing photos and albums and other little things.

The feeling of holding a memory in your hands is priceless. 

When they’re left to sit on a computer, the memories can be easily forgotten about. 

Don’t let that happen to yours!

We offer prints in a variety of dimensions and finishes, both small typical photography prints and large fine art canvases.

Small prints paired with our little Oak Boxes make a thoughtful gift for someone special or a nice keepsake for yourselves.

We also offer ring boxes, wood typography and custom wedding stationary.  For prices is best you contact us for a personalized quote.


We record your amazing adventures in beautifully made photo-books! Each book layout is custom made to fit your personalities and to better reflect the story of your event. We pay attention to every detail of your wedding or event, making sure to capture all the important moments to feature in your album.

Our photo-books allow images to flow seamlessly across the pages and create panoramic spreads to tell your stories.
Laying flat from end to end it gives you an uninterrupted full view of your sweetest moments.

We offer individual albums and packs of albums to gift to your loved ones.

Album 15×15 cm with 10 pages | Price 50 Euro

Album 15×15 cm with 20 pages | Price 75 Euro

Album 20×20 cm with 10 pages | Price 75 Euro

Album 20×20 cm with 20 pages | Price 100 Euro

Pack of two album 20×20 cm with 20 pages | Price 180 Euro

Album 25×25 cm with 10 pages | Price 100 Euro

Album 25×25 cm with 20 pages | Price 130 Euro

Oak Box

The aspect and the feel of the final products we deliver to each of our clients are very important to us. With this in mind, we created The Oak Box

Our albums and prints come in carefully handcrafted wooden boxes, thus ensuring perfect transportation and future storage. With time we hope they will feel more like treasure boxes full of memories than simple product packing.

Our boxes are made of durable oak or ash hardwood and they come in a variety of rustic or antique finishes to complement our natural and adventurous style

They are the perfect companion to your wonderful wedding photos. 💜

Small Oak Box with 30 printed photos size 10x15cm and a 32 Gb USB stick with all the photos from your event

Price 100 Euro

Large Oak box with a 20×20 cm photo-album with 20 pages and a 32 Gb USB Stick with all the photos from your event

Price 200 Euro

Not just weddings matter, each and every minute is important because it’s unique. Stories are made and lived every day. We love capturing these random little moments on camera. If you are interested in capturing the emotions and natural vibe of an ordinary day below you’ll find our photography pricing for these types of sessions.

Couple Lifestyle

For all of our portrait sessions, we like to capture a mix of Traditional (smile at the camera and say CHEESE!)  and Lifestyle photos. Leaning more towards the latter. A Lifestyle session is centered around the couple’s personalities. These photo shoots focus more on the couple’s relationship and favorite activities rather than just an ideal expression.  

We try to make them light and fun for everyone!

Price 150 Euro

Family Adventures

Children tend to grow up and change quickly, so every moment is special. 

We love shooting this type of session. We go for the unposed photographs where children and parents as well can just have fun and go with the flow. We usually ask parents to bring toys and blankets for a picnic.

You will receive between 50 – 100 curated and edited photos.

Price 150 Euro


Expecting a baby is such a precious gift that should be preserved. There is no set-in-stone time for such a session. We recommend you schedule it after the 27 week of pregnancy, but before the 36th.So the belly is nice and round and the mom to be can still enjoy a little work out.

Maternity sessions are also a great way of capturing the parents’ excitement over meeting their new baby.

Price 150 Euro


We recommend scheduling a newborn session during the first month, as soon as possible.

The best age for newborn photos is under two weeks old. In those first few weeks, baby is so tiny and adorable. And more importantly they usually sleep a lot, especially if they have jaundice. Don’t worry about they yellow skin, this is something we do fix in post processing for newborn photography!

Lifestyle newborn photography takes place at your home, and will usually spend the majority of the shoot focusing on the connection between you and your baby.

We love creating these special newborn and family portraits. They are much more meaningful, even when they are not perfectly posed, because they are taken in the intimacy of your home. Making this an amazing memory to enjoy for years down the line.

We will also bring a few props for posing the baby, even if the focal point are the natural photos.

We don’t have a duration for these type of session, the baby will lead the session.

You will receive an average of 50 curated and edited photos.

Price 200 Euro

First Steps | Christening

Only one photographer present for the entire event, Andreea or Adrian, whoever is available.

It includes a small at home photo session, the ceremony at the Church and the little party till the cake cutting (max hour 21:00). You will receive the final high-resolution edited photographs and social media friendly resolution via download link.

Price 500 Euro

575 Euro with a 20×20 cm album with 10 pages

Or we have a smaller option which includes a photo session at home and the ceremony at the Church.

Price 250 Euro