Alexandra & Emil

What set this session apart was Emil's unique and playful way of sharing the pregnancy journey with Alexandra — by carrying a pumpkin as a mock baby belly.


Noah's christening at Prajituresele, a charming urban garden in Bucharest, marked a significant milestone in…


Photographing Aria's newborn session was an absolute joy. Her parents wanted to include Echo, their beloved dog, in the session.


We had the privilege of capturing Noah's in-home newborn session, a new chapter in a journey that began long before his arrival.

Georgiana & Emil

Photographing important moments for friends holds a special place in my heart, and capturing Georgiana and Emil's maternity session was no exception.

Alexandra & Cozmin

It's always lovely to meet with old clients and see how they have grown and add another page to their story.

Cristina & Alin

Goofy and lighthearted come to mind when thinking about this photo session. Some time travel was also needed.

Ana & George

Ana & George had a intimate party to celebrate their marriage at Jolie Gardens.

Iulia & Mircea

With both traditional and modern influences this wedding was so much fun for everyone.

Irina & Edgars

This is a story about a Latvian boy who met a Romanian girl and how they changed each others world.   

Lavinia & Alexandru

Lavinia & Alexandru are avid coffee drinkers and book lovers, so their engagement session took place at a Tucano Coffee House.


To celebrate their cute baby boy, Adriana & Ovidiu held a party at the Happy Place.


Little Andreas had a great party at Baroque Events & Garden with all his forest friends.


A day full of letter balloons, pink tutu dresses and lots of children having fun!

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