Alexandra & Emil

What set this session apart was Emil's unique and playful way of sharing the pregnancy journey with Alexandra — by carrying a pumpkin as a mock baby belly.


Noah's christening at Prajituresele, a charming urban garden in Bucharest, marked a significant milestone in…


In the heartwarming chronicle of Lori and Gabi's life journey, Moni's newborn photo session marks another beautiful chapter.

Cristina & Alin

Goofy and lighthearted come to mind when thinking about this photo session. Some time travel was also needed.

Iulia & Mircea

With both traditional and modern influences this wedding was so much fun for everyone.

Iulia & Mircea

A photo session on the streets of old town Bucharest can be just as magical as a mountain top session.

Irina & Edgars

This is a story about a Latvian boy who met a Romanian girl and how they changed each others world.   


Little Andreas had a great party at Baroque Events & Garden with all his forest friends.

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