Photographing Aria’s newborn session was an absolute joy. Her parents, Georgiana and Emil, had a special request – they wanted to include Echo, their beloved dog, in the session.

Incorporating a cherished pet like Echo into a newborn session adds an extra layer of warmth and charm. It’s a testament to the love and harmony that exists within the family.

As the camera clicked away, we captured the tenderness in Georgiana and Emil’s eyes as they held their precious baby girl. Echo, their loyal companion, also played a significant role in the photos – a guardian watching over the newest member of the family.

These images not only document the early days of Aria’s life but also serve as a lasting memory of the unique bond between a growing family and their four-legged friend.

Photographing Aria’s newborn session with Echo was a beautiful reminder that family comes in all forms, and love knows no boundaries. It’s a treasure trove of memories that Aria will cherish as she grows, celebrating the love of her parents and the loyal presence of her furry friend.

In this session, we captured not only the delicate features of a newborn but also the enduring love and the special role that Echo plays in the heartwarming story of Georgiana, Emil, and their beautiful baby girl, Aria.

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